Sex plays a significant role in a man’s life, and it is the key to self-confidence and well-being as a whole. Many epidemiological studies have noted the persistent connection between sexual activity and the longevity of men. But, such studies do not say anything regarding how not only young people care about sexual life. According to studies, more than 60% of the cases, men over the age of 40 years, still live a full sexual life, to a greater or lesser extent. Of course, some difficulties will begin to appear at this age.

Such epidemiological studies show that sexual disorders, like erectile dysfunction, have a significant effect on the quality of a man’s life. ED is a widespread disease affecting approximately 150 million men worldwide.

What could be the reason?

Factors for erectile disorders belong to two groups: psychological and physiological. The former includes a constant depression, anxiety, neurosis and neurotic condition. Causes of a physical nature can be:

– pelvic surgery;
– urinary tract infection, prostatitis, adenoma and prostate cancer;
– disorders of the nervous system, injuries that cause disturbances of innervation of the genitals;
– hormonal disturbances (a low level of testosterone);
– influence of alcohol, drugs to reduce arterial pressure; psychotropic medications; hormonal preparations;
– having diseases of the venous and arterial vessels.

Regular sex as prevention of erectile dysfunction

A considerable number of neurologists and sexologists around the world claim that sex helps suspend the development of potency problems. It seems that long-term abstinence from sexual relations leads to disorders of the erectile system. Also, it may cause rapid ejaculation, erection difficulties, and other erectile disturbances. Abstinence after the age of 40 years can reduce potency because the lack of sex leads to the accumulation of secretions in the prostate gland. After that, it soaks in the blood and results in an inhibition of the proper operation of the sexual glands.

Vitamins as potency prevention

Vitamins are natural substances that are essential for the right development and functioning of the human organism. In order to reduce the risk of problems with potency, men should begin the course of vitamins A, C, and E.

– Vitamin A enhances the production of testosterone, improves potency, and reduces the risk of cancer;
– Vitamin E helps to improve the condition of blood vessels, which reduces the risk attenuation of potency.
– Vitamin C also contributes to the synthesis of testosterone, which also affects the improvement of the development of better sperm.

All of these vitamins can be taken separately or together as a bulk. But first and foremost, consult with your doctor. Incorrect dosage can cause allergies or nausea.

Also, do not forget about vitamins that help maintain a man’s body in general. These include Vitamin N (help in the fight against harmful substances), B (improved vision, urination and strengthens the nerve endings), C (normalizes blood pressure, helps prevent vascular disease).